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US-2017041036-A1: Automatic Self-Protection for a Portable Electronic Device patent, US-2017055430-A1: Tractor system and method patent, US-2017056579-A1: Spindle device for a piston of a reservoir with medicament fluid patent, US-2017067993-A1: Underwater acoustic tracking and two way messaging system patent, US-2017089294-A1: Machinery casing portion patent, US-2017103363-A1: Intraocular lens storage cart and methods patent, US-2017111264-A1: Using a firewall filter to select a member link of a link aggregation group patent, US-2017117829-A1: Moving-magnet type linear motor controlling system and manufacturing method of parts patent, US-2017128187-A1: Anti-intussusception ileal stent and its use as an anti-hyperglycemic method patent, US-2017128743-A1: Smart bed for radiation therapy patent, US-2017196204-A1: Electronically-Controlled Water Flow Regulator System for Poultry Drinker Lines patent, US-2017196556-A1: Surgical fastener apparatus patent, US-2017216907-A1: Apparatus and method for mechanically joining advanced high strength steel patent, US-2017223982-A1: High-moisture-content gummi candy patent, US-2017224699-A1: Novel immune system modulators patent, US-2017225647-A1: Buckle apparatus patent, US-2017226760-A1: Critical care backup vacuum system and method of use patent, US-2017253875-A1: Targeting Ligands For Therapeutic Compounds patent, US-2017263237-A1: Speech synthesis from detected speech articulator movement patent, US-2017269653-A1: Systems and methods for thermal management of an information handling system including determination of optimum slot location for information handling resource patent, US-2017275208-A1: Cation-enhanced chemical stability of ion-conducting zirconium-based ceramics patent, US-2017288578-A1: Power supply apparatus patent, US-2017291630-A1: Hybrid snow vehicle conversion kit patent, US-2017303952-A1: Surgical Stapler/Cutter and Extended Buttress patent, US-2017316433-A1: Identity aggregation and integration patent, US-2017324637-A1: Polling parameter adjustment patent, US-2017347494-A1: System and Method to Enhance Airflow Request Algorithm for Modular Chassis patent, US-2017354667-A1: Composition and method for treating bipolar disorder patent, US-2017361379-A1: System and Method For Rotational Position Tracking Of Brake Lathe Adjustment Assembly patent, US-2017364139-A1: System on a Chip with Fast Wake from Sleep patent, US-2017370412-A1: Grease tool for repacking dual angular contact bearing with grease, and method of using same patent, US-2018017817-A1: Sealant composition, display panel and method for manufacturing the same and display device patent, US-2018029632-A1: Electric power steering column assembly patent, US-2018031122-A1: Controller for Automatic Transmission patent, US-2018032285-A1: Control chip for memory power sequence patent, US-2018032627-A1: Client-side modularization of a requested webpage patent, US-2015166824-A1: Additive Process for Production of Dimensionally Stable Three Dimensional Objects patent, US-2015240671-A1: Variable valve device for internal combustion engine patent, US-2015352210-A1: Particle functionalization patent, US-2015362219-A1: Fluid temperature limiter patent, US-2016055876-A1: Optical information reproduction device and optical information reproduction method patent, US-2016363795-A1: Display panel and display device including the same patent, US-2017029870-A1: Lyophilized reagent, mixed reagent solution, and method for storing lyophilized reagent patent, US-2017075571-A1: Memory device and control method thereof patent, US-2017125882-A1: Wirelessly programmable electronic control gear patent, US-2015268546-A1: Autostereoscopic display device patent, US-2015284678-A1: PCV/Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae/PRRS Combination Vaccine patent, US-2015288182-A1: Generating electric substation load transfer control parameters patent, US-2016101702-A1: Power supply system patent, US-2016166155-A1: Body-worn sensor for characterizing patients with heart failure patent, US-2016232668-A1: Image display apparatus and image display method patent, US-2016241350-A1: Method and Apparatus for Analog and Digital Audio Blend for HD Radio Receivers patent, US-2016256695-A1: Mri compatible implantable medical devices and methods patent, US-2016279683-A1: Method for preparing and detoxifying using liquid rinsing medium patent, US-2016355278-A1: Systems and methods for analyzing flutter test data using damped sine curve fitting with the closed form shape fit patent, US-2017018582-A1: Imaging Array with Improved Dynamic Range Utilizing Parasitic Photodiodes Within Floating Diffusion Nodes of Pixels patent, US-2017074804-A1: Electromagnetic wave measurement device, measurement method, program, and recording medium patent, US-2017100991-A1: Sunroof incorporating electro-optic element patent, US-2017126119-A1: FEEDFORWARD CIRCUIT FOR DC-to-DC CONVERTERS WITH DIGITAL VOLTAGE CONTROL LOOP patent, US-2016099791-A1: Enhancement of inter-cell interference coordination with adaptive reduced-power almost blank subframes based on neighbor cell profile data patent, US-2016191637-A1: Executing requests for services using shared location data patent, US-2016203737-A1: Hybrid physical-virtual reality simulation for clinical training capable of providing feedback to a physical anatomic model patent, US-2016221850-A1: Hydrophobically modified polyamine scale inhibitors patent, US-2016286595-A1: Information processing apparatus and control method thereof, service providing apparatus and control method thereof, information processing system, information processing method, program, and recording medium patent, US-2017033912-A1: Method and apparatus for csi reporting patent, US-2017225610-A1: Motor Vehicle patent, US-2015349026-A1: Electronic memory using memristors and crossbars patent, US-2015377126-A1: Combined Gas Turbine Auxiliary Systems patent, US-2016213509-A1: Thermal wrap with integral thermal media array and support for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation patent, US-2016290700-A1: Ice Crushing System patent, US-2017002100-A1: Depolymerisation of polysaccharides and related products patent, US-2017150599-A1: Backplate for Foldable Display Device and Foldable Display Device Including the Same patent, US-2017162063-A1: Method for generating flight route with which observer can visually observe drone patent, US-2016003660-A1: Fuel measurement system patent, US-2016056384-A1: Hybrid carbon-metal interconnect structures patent, US-2015348794-A1: Hardmask composition and method of forming pattern by using the hardmask composition patent, US-2015357491-A1: Photoelectric conversion element patent, US-2016199747-A1: Toy incorporating rfid tag patent, US-2015205393-A1: Simulating multi-touch events on a browser system patent, US-2015305833-A1: Electromechanical systems, methods, orthodontic brackets, and tools for adjusting orthodontic prescriptions of orthodontic brackets with adjustable archwire passages patent, US-2016151489-A1: Combination of a ligand of hvem and an immunotoxin for use in therapy patent, US-2017004107-A1: Networking using PCI Express patent, US-2015278830-A1: Person/group check-in system patent, US-2016075178-A1: Broken Axle Recovery Apparatus patent, US-2016142695-A1: Reproduction device, reproduction method, and recording medium patent, US-2017068359-A1: Encapsulated Metal Nanowires patent, US-2017190416-A1: Rotorcraft state control patent, US-2016274594-A1: Positioner patent, US-2016306472-A1: Display device patent, US-2016070169-A1: Negative-tone resist compositions and multifunctional polymers therein patent, US-2015213370-A1: Label inference in a social network patent, US-2017307280-A1: System for inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and sterilizing device used in such system patent, US-2015268091-A1: Object information acquiring apparatus patent, US-2016093600-A1: Compound micro-assembly strategies and devices patent, US-2015372194-A1: Nano-structured semiconductor light-emitting element patent, US-2016095422-A1: Connector Apparatus, System, and Method of Use patent, US-2015167570-A1: Exhaust purification system for internal combustion engine patent, US-2015145981-A1: Light Scanning Microscope with Spectral Detection patent, US-2015314420-A1: Polycrystalline diamond construction and method of making same patent, US-2015162493-A1: Semiconductor light emitting device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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