A temperature control system

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  • Assignees: Ibm
  • Publication Date: December 06, 1972
  • Publication Number: GB-1298497-A


1298497 Utilizing radiation detectors INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP 17 July 1970 [11 Aug 1969] 34644/70 Heading G1A [Also in Division G3] For calibration purposes, a thermocouple 53, Fig.8, a silicon cell type radiation pyrometer 54 and a disappearing filament type optical pyrometer 55 all respond to the temperature of a semiconductor wafer 59 being heated on a graphite block 58 within a quartz tube 60 the temperature of which is maintained constant by induction heating controlled by a thermocouple 52 (see Division G3). The set point of the temperature control system is adjusted and measurements taken at intervals over a range. A computer 57 averages and produces a print-out of the readings.




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