Carboxylic acid esters of 3-formyl-butanol-1 and process for the manufacture thereof

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Basf Ag
  • Publication Date: December 06, 1972
  • Publication Number: GB-1298578-A


1298578 Carboxylic esters of 3-formylbutanol- 1 BADISCHE ANILIN- & SODA-FABRIK AG 10 April 1970 [12 April 1969] 17097/70 Heading C2C The carboxylic acid esters of 3-formylbutanol-1 of formula where R is alkyl (1-18 C), or a phenyl radical optionally substituted by 1 or 2 alkoxy or alkyl (1-4 C), chlorine atoms, amino groups or nitro groups are prepared by contacting a bis-(monocarboxylic acid ester) of butene-2-diol-1,4 with carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the presence of a carbonyl complex of rhodium at from 110‹ to 150‹ C. and a pressure of 150 to 800 atmospheres. The reaction may be in an inert solvent and the catalyst formed in situ with optional modifiers such as phosphorous acid esters or trisubstituted phosphines. Examples describe the preparation of 3-formylbutanol-l acetate.




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