Improvements relating to the processing of photographic materials

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Polaroid Corp
  • Publication Date: December 13, 1972
  • Publication Number: GB-1299991-A


1299991 Photographic processing apparatus POLAROID CORP 2 Jan 1970 [3 Jan 1969] 198/70 Heading G2A Apparatus for processing a strip of exposed photographic sheet material, e.g. cine film 24 Fig.4, contained in a cassette 16 comprises storage means 76 for releasably storing a processing liquid, an applicator 56 having means through which processing liquid may be expressed on to the sheet material when the sheet and the applicator are moved relative to one another, and means 192 for releasing liquid from the storage means into a reservoir 78 interposed between the liquid expressing means of the applicator and the storage means and communicating with the liquid expressing means. The cassette has a film supply reel and a film take-up reel, and is initially placed in a camera where the film is exposed. Subsequently, the cassette is placed in a projector 130 having a housing 134. A pin 178 slidably mounted in a slot 176 has a projection 186 which engages a support plate 66 to seat the film strip 24 against the face of the applicator 56. A knob 214 is slidably mounted in a further slot 210 and carries a roller 218 which rides along a flexible plate 192 to expel processing fluid from container 76 into expandable reservoir 78, compressible member 128 being compressed so as to exert a pressure on the fluid within reservoir 78. The film strip itself comprises both a photo-sensitive negative emulsion and an image receiving layer and on passage passed the applicator receives a layer of processing fluid which is doctored by blade 60. The developed images are illuminated by the system shown in Fig. 2 wherein light from a source 168 enters a concave face 44 of a prismatic reflector 42, is reflected by face 46 and emerges from a convex face 48. Reflector 42 includes a pair of parallel bearing surfaces 50 and 52 on which the film strip is supported as it traverses the film gate (not shown).




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