Contraceptive and device for its application


1300896 Contraceptive combination P H MOREL 8 July 1971 [9 July 1970] 32146/71 Heading A5B An inter-uretral contraceptive combination comprises (a) 25-80% by. weight of a waterrepellent liquid of viscosity 5-5,000 cSt at 37‹C and juxtaposed but not mixed therewith (b) 20-75% of a paste of consistency 200-300 at 25‹C according to ASTM specification D217-48. The liquid may be poly-dimethylsiloxane and the paste may be based on polydimethylsiloxane, the two being separated by a fluid, e.g. paraffin oil, which is not miscible with either. In a particular embodiment, the combination is contained in a collapsible polythene tube with a cannula at one end closed by a removable cap, the contents being arranged so that the paste constituent is injected downstream of the liquid with reference to the direction of normal uretral flow.




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