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  • Publication Date: January 04, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1301739-A


1301739 Ruthenium (II) carboxylates and adducts thereof JOHNSON MATTHEY & CO Ltd 6 July 1970 [14 July 1969] 32541/70 [Headings C2C C2J and C2P] The invention comprises ruthenium (II) carboxylates of the formula where R is an optionally substituted alkyl or aryl radical, and their adducts with a stabilizing donor ligand such as a trisubstituted phosphine, arsine or stibine or a nitrogen-containing base such as pyridine, quinoline, pyrrole and diphenylamine and triethylamine. The salts are prepared by heating together a soluble ruthenium salt, e.g. the chloride with the appropriate alkali metal carboxylate and the appropriate carboxylic acid. Other stabilizing donor ligands specified include an alkyl phosphine, ethyl diphenyl phosphine, triphenyl phosphite, triphenyl arsine and ethyldiphenyl stibine.




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