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  • Publication Date: January 04, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1302238-A


1302238 Extrusion of metal powder FEDERAL-MOGUL CORP 1 Oct 1970 [12 Nov 1969] 46770/70 Heading C7D Extruded metal bodies are made by packing a metal powder e.g. Co or Ni superalloys, into a deformable metal container e.g. stainless steel and after evacuating and sealing the packed container is heated and then compacted in a longitudinal die with sufficient pressure to extrude the assembly into a lateral extension of the die. The stainless steel container 10 is packed with powder, evacuated and sealed at 20. After heating to 2000-2200‹F. the container is charged into longitudinal die cavity 44 where it is compacted between punches 48 and 50 and finally extruded laterally into the lateral die cavity 42. The die 35 is made of upper and lower members 32, 34 separated by spacer 36 and supported on springs 56. The pressed body is ejected by lower punch 50 after removing upper member 32 and the stainless steel container sheath is removed by pickling or machining. In a modified die assembly the spacers 36 slide between the members 32, 34 as compression proceeds Fig.17 (not shown).




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