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  • Publication Date: January 17, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1303402-A


1303402 Incinerators IWANTANI SANGYO KK [trading as IWATANI SANGYO CO Ltd] 19 April 1971 [12 June 1970(2)] 25955/71 Heading F4B Waste oil or the like is burnt in an incinerator having a combustion chamber 2 with an inner water jacket 3 and an outer air jacket 4. The oil from an inlet 5A is stirred by vanes 12 carried by cylindrical radial arms 9 projecting from a central rotating cylinder 8. Air supplied by a fan 18 is fed to the cylinder 8 to provide primary and secondary air delivered downwardly from holes 10 and upwardly from holes 11 over the full length of the arms. Air from a fan 19 passes to the jacket 4 to provide a tertiary air supply from nozzles 15. The supply of combustion air is controlled in accordance with conditions in the combustion chamber as determined by a light projector and photoelectric diode, and the speed of rotation of the arms 9 is controlled in accordance with the temperature of the ash discharged from an inlet 14, or the temperature at the top of the combustion chamber.




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