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  • Publication Date: January 24, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1304234-A


1304234 Tapping attachment TAPMATIC CORP 21 Aug 1970 [9 April 1970] 40345/70 Heading B3N A tapping attachment comprises a tapping spindle 18 having free axial float, a direct drive clutch member 132, a reverse drive clutch member 134 and an adjustable collar 262 for adjusting the amount of freedom of axial float of the spindle; the amount of relative axial movement of the spindle required for changing between direct drive and reverse drive being determined by the adjustment of the amount of freedom of axial float. The clutch members drive the spindle through pins located in the spindle and are driven themselves by drive gears 126, 128. Reverse drive gear 128 is driven by direct drive gear via planetary drive gears (82), (84) (85) Fig. 4, (not shown), and a lower support member 220. Body 26 is screwed onto a tool arbor 11 and serves to drive direct drive gear 126. The drive clutches are spring biased, springs 206, 260, to allow them to engage and disengage the tapping spindle without chattering. Cage 68 on which the planetary gears are mounted is keyed to housing 30.




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