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  • Publication Date: February 07, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1305709-A


1305709 Vacuum cleaner dust bag ELECTROLUX Ltd 13 Nov 1970 [14 Aug 1969] 40733/69 Heading BIT A disposable dust bag for a vacuum cleaner is made by forming a paper blank with two sets of parallel fold lines as in Fig. 1, coating with adhesive over areas 30 and folding it to form a flat bag blank with two flat faces and two pleated sides (Fig. 3, not shown), edges A and N overlapping and being secured together. The lower end of the bag is then closed and the upper end coated with adhesive over areas 32 of the flat faces and inserted between the two halves of a folded cardboard end disc 34 to which it is thus secured. Cutaway portions 14, 16, 18 form an aperture in the end of the bag which matches with an aperture in the disc 34, and tabs 12 extend through slots (56) in the disc. Portions 14, 16, 18 and tabs 12 may be preformed on the paper blank as shown or formed by a punching or cutting operation on the open end of the bag after its formation. Disc 34 comprises an outer ply, with a circular aperture therein and an inner ply formed with integral hinged flaps 44 (46), biassed against the margins of the circular aperture by metal or plastics spring strips or wires 51. Strips 51 are secured between the plies at their outer ends and project through slits in the inner ply to lie along the flaps. The flaps form a selfsealing opening which receives the inlet nozzle of the vacuum cleaner when the disc 34 is opened out flat in use.




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