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  • Publication Date: February 07, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1306227-A


1306227 Escapements CECIL INSTRUMENTS Ltd 12 May 1970 [12 May 1969] 24029/69 Heading F2X In a stepping system for rotating the table of a sample changing equipment an escapement and fluid damper are provided so as to prevent spilling of the samples during stepping due to sudden acceleration and deceleration. The drive shaft 3 has a constant tension spring 5 and the motion is governed by the escapement wheel 10, the stepping of which is controlled by the bar 14, operated from a sample changer in accordance with a pre-set programme. The wheel 10 is driven from 3 through the pawl- and ratchet 8a, 8, and the gear and pinion 9, 13, or shaft 12. The pins 10, 10<SP>1</SP> engage the pallets 14a, 14b on the escapement lever 14. Shaft 3 engages the shaft 7a of the rotary fluid damper 7. To limit the rotation of the table a stop mechanism engages the table after one revolution.




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