Telescopic umrella frame

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Bremshey Ag
  • Publication Date: February 14, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1306486-A


1306486 Telescopic umbrellas BREMSHEY AG 7 Jan 1972 [9 Jan 1971] 874/72 Addition to 1266264 Heading A4P An umbrella frame of the type claimed in Claim 2 of Specification 1266264 having threepart telescopic spokes 6, each of which is supported by a respective four-bar linkage V comprising a tension link 12, a main strut 11, an auxiliary strut 10 and a spoke brace 13, has a spring force provided to at least one of the linkages V to urge it to move in the direction to open the frame. A respective spring F may be provided for each linkage V and may be a hairpinextension 23 of the link 12, a separate hairpin (37), Fig.6 (not shown) around pivot pin 18, or a tension spring (40), Fig.7 (not shown), acting between pin 18 and a pivot (20<SP>1</SP>) adjacent pivot 20 on brace 13. The struts 10, 11 and braces 13 are preferably U-sectioned and in alternative embodiments each spring may be a part formed from the middle web of the strut 11 acting on the strut 10, Fig. 5 (not shown), a part formed from the middle web of the strut 10 acting on the brace 13, Fig.8 (not shown), or a part formed from the middle web of the brace 13 acting on the strut 10, Fig. 9 (not shown). In all embodiments, the crown 9, main slider 7, auxiliary slider 8 and handle 5 are all of generally rectangular section and the slider 8 has an extension tube 26 over which slider 7 slides. During opening of the umbrella, upward movement of slider 8 is temporarily restrained by engagement of a catch (29), Fig.4 (not shown), on the stick with the bottom 31 of a slot 27 in tube 26 until slider 7 rides over catch (29) and disengages it, the catch (29) engaging with the bottom edge of a second slot 28 in tube 26 when the umbrella is fully open, in which position a catch of slider 7 engages in an opening in the stick through a third slot 34 in tube 26.




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