Multiplate clutch assemblies

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Fichtel & Sachs Ag
  • Publication Date: February 14, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1306585-A


1306585 Friction clutches FICHTEL & SACHS AG 25 Nov 1970 [27 Nov 1969] 56000/70 Heading F2C Friction plates 9, 11 of a multi-plate clutch splined to a driven hub 8 are positively separated on clutch disengagement by leaf springs 15 which move the plates 9, 11 into engagement with stops 16 fast with the hub 8. The hub 8 is welded to a two-part disc 7a, 7b-fast with an inner hub 6 splined to a driven shaft 21. The driven plates 9...11 and driving plates 12 are clamped between a presser plate 1 and a flywheel 2 by springs (not shown) and the clutch is disengaged by release levers 20. Cooling oil is supplied to an annular chamber 26 between the two parts 7a, 7b of the disc 7 and flows therefrom through recesses in the disc and hub 8 to the clutch plates.




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