Electrical measuring instruments of the moving coil type

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Gen Electric
  • Publication Date: February 21, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1307568-A


1307568 Moving coil electric meters GENERAL ELECTRIC Co 12 May 1970 [13 May 1969] 22932/70 Heading G1Q A moving coil meter comprises a hollow cylindrical magnetic yoke 32 and an electrically insulating frame member 30 which supports the armature 14 and magnet 16 of the meter, the frame member, Figs. 5, 9, comprising a crossbar portion 44 having protusions 58 engaging corresponding holes in an outwardly extending flange 34 at one end of the yoke, a disc portion 48 received within the aperture defined by an inwardly extending flange 36 at the other end of the yoke, and a strut 46 extending parallel to the armature axis A-A adjacent the internal surface of the yoke to inter-connect the cross-bar and disc portions and to support the magnet 16. The frame member 30 comprises glass-reinforced thermoplastic material and is cemented to the magnet. Anchors 22 for the torsional suspension of the armature 14 are secured to the cross-bar and disc portions 44, 48 by snap-in bushings 64. The whole instrument assembly is secured within its casing 13, Fig. 1, (not shown) by screwing the cross-bar 44 to supports (54).




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