Hydraulic braking systems for vehicles

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Girling Ltd
  • Publication Date: March 07, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1309242-A


1309242 Master cylinders GIRLING Ltd 11 March 1970 [28 March 1969] 16377/69 Addition to 1229925 Heading F2F In an improvement in or modification of the master cylinder of Specification 1,229,925 an axial extension 5 associated with one portion 2 co-operates with the other piston 17 upon failure of at least the first pressure space 42 and the piston 17 forms part of a telescopic assembly of which the effective length increases to an extended position as the piston is advanced in the cylinder bore when subjected to hydraulic pressure so that when failure occurs the extension 5 has to move a minimum distance to engage the piston 17. As the extension engages the piston 17 it engages a sealing ring 40 so that a column of fluid in an inner piston 36 of the telescopic assembly forms a substantially incompressible strut to advance an outer piston 25 to deliver fluid under pressure to the secondary brake system.




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