Constructional element

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Mackenzie J A
  • Publication Date: March 21, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1310555-A


1310555 Angle bars J A MACKENZIE 13 July 1970 33937/70 Heading E1K Elements of L-section cross-section comprise two metal flanges 4, 11 joined at right angles each flange having at least one longitudinally extending row of apertures. Each row of apertures comprises two types of apertures each type in alternation with the other; the first type of aperture 6 providing at least three points of contact with the shaft of a bolt passing therethrough to prevent movement in the plane of the flange and the second type of aperture 7 being generally quatrefoil or cruciform in outline allowing significant play longitudinally and laterally of the element. The holes 6 may be round or square and adjacent rows of alternating apertures on the same or different flanges are completely out of phase. Where more than one row is provided in a flange the outer row may not have the holes 7. The maximum width of the hole 7 may be equal to the diameter of the hole 6 plus twice the thickness of the flange.




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