Process for activating and or reactivating a reforming catalyst


1311063 Activating or reactivating reforming catalysts GULF RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CO 3 Aug 1970 [27 Aug 1969] 37362/70 Heading B1E Carbon-free platinum-containing catalysts are (re)activated by drying to a water content less than 0.01 kg water per kg catalyst with a non-metallic chlorine-containing compound in a hydrogen atmosphere containing at least the stoichiometric amount of hydrogen to form HCl with the chlorine of the chlorine-containing compound at a temperature of 260-621‹C, the partial pressure of chlorine-containing compound (considered as HCl) in the atmosphere being in excess of 15% of the hydrogen chloride partial pressure necessary for the formation of iron chloride under the treating conditions. In the example a deactivated Rt/Al 2 O 3 catalyst is decarbonised, reduced and simultaneously dried and then reactivated by treatment with propylene dichloride in hydrogen.




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