Fluorided metal alumina catalysts and hydrocarbon conversion process employing the catalysts


1313839 Flourided conversion catalyst TEXACO DEVELOPMENT CORP 3 June 1971 [25 June 1970 (2)] 18722/71 Heading B1E [Also in Division C5] A catalyst composition comprising a metal of Gp. VIB or VIII or a compound thereof, alumina or alum inosilicate, and 0.5-15.0 wt. % fluorine by contacting at 200-1200‹F the alumina having the metal component associated therewith with a mixture of hydrogen or oxygen and an organic fluoride C n F a H b X c wherein X is N or O, n is an integer from 2 to 16, a is an integer from 1 to 2n+m, 6 is O or an integer from 1 to 2n+m-1, c is 1, m is 2 when X is O and m is 3 when X is N. Specified metals are Pt, Pd, Ru, Rh, Ni, Co, Mo, Cr and W and the combinations Ni-W and Co-Mo, present as the metals, oxides, sulphides or salts, e.g. sulphates in an amount 0.01-30 wt. %. The support may be etaalumina, silica-alumina, thoria-alumina, zirconia-alumina, chromia-alumina or aluminosilicate. Specified organic fluorides are hexafluoroacetone, decafluorodiethylether, hexadecafluoropropyloxa-cyclohexane, heptacosafluorotributylamine and tritriacontafluorohexadecylamine. The Examples relate to Pt on eta or gamma-alumina.




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