Fluid bearings


1314067 Bearings CONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICHERCHE 29 April 1970 [29 April 1969] 20625/70 Heading F2A In a fluid bearing pressurized fluid is supplied through conduits 22, Fig. 1, each of which is provided with a restrictor 14 and a non-return valve 15, the latter being connected to its respective pressure-pocket 5 via a port 7 formed in a bearing member 2. Each conduit 22 is connected to a pipe 8 via a duct 20. The pipe 8 extends into a fluid tank 9, via a filter 12 and a pump 10 which is driven by a motor 11. The pipe 8 has a branch pipe leading to a thermometer 13 and a branch pipe 16 which is provided with a manometer 17, a relief valve 18 and a cooler 19 which connects to the tank 9. In use fluid at constant pressure is supplied to the pressure-pockets 5 and a shaft 6 which is mounted in the bearing is suspended by the pressurized-fluid. When the shaft is rotated and generates a pressure greater than the pressure of the fluid supplied by the pump 10, the non- return valves 15 prevent flow-back of the fluid to the tank 9. Used fluid is returned to the tank 9 via a drain-pipe 21. In a modification a pair of pressure-pockets 5, Fig. 2, are connected to a pipe 8 &c., via conduits 23, non-return valves 15 and a self-regulating throttle valve 23. The latter replaces the restrictors 14 and comprises a cylinder 24 having a piston 25 therein which is centred by means of springs 26. Thus the total flow resistance can be controlled to compensate for loads applied to the bearing.




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