Modular furniture elements


1314726 Disassemblable tables, chairs &c G DECURSU J DE PAS D D'URBINO and P LOMAZZI 30 April 1970 [3 May 1969] 20738/70 Headings A4B A4H A4J and A4U [Also in Division A6] A disassemblable chair, Fig. 2, is formed from three identical plastics elements 1, 2, 3 each comprising a pair of tapered tubular uprights 5, 6 connected by a plate 7 and providing the chair legs and back, and a plastics seat element 4, projections 9 on element 4 fitting in sockets 8 in the front legs 5, 6 with a rib 11 connecting projections 9 fitting in slots 12 in sockets 8, and the lower ends of uprights 5, 6 of the back passing through holes 10 in element 4 and fitting in the sockets 8 in the rear legs. A table, Fig. 6, is formed from two of said elements 1 spaced from a table top 13 by legs 13a, which are detachably, as shown, or integrally connected to top 13, and a U reinforcement 14. A wardrobe, Fig. 7, is formed from a plurality of said elements 1 in superimposed relationship and spaced transversely by top, bottom, and intermediate elements 17, 18, 19.




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