Sales rack


1317360 Shelving METALLWARENFABRIK KARL HARR 1 Dec 1971 55657/71 Heading A4B A storage or sales rack usable from both the front and rear comprises spaced uprights 1, 2, Fig. 1, having vertical rows of forward and rearward holders 6 opening respectively to the front and rear, cash holder 6 comprising an opening defined between a web 7 of the upright and a pressed out portion of the web 7, arms or cantilever limbs 3, 4 hung in the holders 6 to extend at right angles to the uprights 1, 2 and stiffening members 9, 14 interconnecting the uprights 1, 2 and/or the arms or cantilever limbs 3, 4. The arms 3, 4 have hooked inner ends which engage in the holders 6. In another embodiment, Fig. 3, spaced pairs of uprights 16, 17 and 18, 19 carrying cantilever arms 3', 4' are inter-connected by beams 20 with hooked ends engaged in the holders 6'. The beams 20 may carry cantilever arms 23, 24. In a further embodiment, Fig. 6, uprights 42, 43 are joined by a wall 49 and are disposed back to back with uprights 41, 44 of adjacent racks. In a further embodiment, Fig. 9, the uprights are Z-shaped in cross-section. In a further embodiment, Fig. 11, the uprights 76a, 76b are of square cross-section and formed by inter-connecting a pair of U-shaped sections.




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