Improvements in or relating to Dynamo Electric Machines and the like.


131,825. Ivamy, W. G. Feb. 5, 1919. Dynamo lamps.-In an electric torch supplied with current from a hand-operated magneto, the rotor comprises a number of permanent magnets G, and the armatures a number of coils A on a laminated spider core C. A cord or chain N provided with a finger ring 0 is wound on a spring drum P provided with a pinion adapted to rotate a pawl-carrying plate loose on the rotor shaft H, and the pawl engages with a ratchet-wheel fast on the rotor shaft. The pawl is slotted for engagement with a pin projecting from a disk loose on the rotor shaft, whereby the pin serves to press the pawl into engagement with the ratchet-wheel when the pawl plate is rotated. The mechanism is placed in a casing S closed by a cover S<1>, and the lamp lens T is carried by a screw-cap U which assists in securing the cover S' in place.




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