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  • Publication Date: December 31, 1969
  • Publication Number: GB-131852-A


131,852. Rayner, G. H. T., and Rayner, P. April 14, 1919. Fluid-actuated gears; beat or lift valves; slide valves, cylindrical and piston.-A combined lift and slide valve, actuated by compression and main-pressure supply acting on one end of the valva when the opposite end of the cylinder is exhausted, has end collars a<1>, a<3> seating in port blocks b, b<1>, and a central collar a<2> controlling admission from an annular chamber c<1> supplied through ports c<2> which limit the supply irrespective of any increase in the stroke of the valve to the ends of the valve chambers c to feed one or the other end of the cylinder. The fluid is fed through annular grooves c<3>, c<4>, c<5>, c<6> and cross ports c'. To help throw the valve, a small cross port c<8> connected by a port c' to the supply is provided. In a modified form of valve, end projections are provided which loosely fit the passages in the blocks to diminish loss by leakage.




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