Vehicle for transporting and dumping materials

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: London Brick Co
  • Publication Date: June 06, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1319744-A


1319744 Tipping LONDON BRICK CO Ltd 20 Dec 1971 [25 Feb 1971] 5394/71 Heading B7B A vehicle for transporting and dumping materials includes a tiltable container supporting frame 11 on which a container 12 is caused to slide and engage an abutment 14 to dislodge any material held in the tilted container. In operation the container sub-frame 11 together with container 12 is pivoted relative to chassis 10 by the main hydraulic cylinder arrangement 15. If however material is jammed in container 12, high pressure liquid is supplied to cylinders 26 which force pistons 27, connected to sliding plates 24, outwardly so moving the container up the inclined sub-frame 11 for a predetermined distance. The pressure is then released from cylinder 26 and container 12 slides down the sub-frame 11 until its reinforced edge 18 engages the abutment 14 so that the resultant shock load dislodges the material from the container. If desired, movement of container 12 could be effected pneumatically or mechanically, e.g. by a sliding or rotating pawl arrangement.




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