Line scanning arrangement


1322425 Scanning subscribers' lines for calling conditions INTERNATIONAL STANDARD ELECTRIC CORP 1 July 1971 [8 July 1970] 30891/71 Heading H4K A scanner looks at subscribers' lines serially and group by group and records line states in a buffer store, a dummy position at the end of the scan of each group being used to transfer to a call processor the parallel scan results accumulated for the group, the occurence of an off-hook scan condition causing the immediate sending to the call processor of the associated line identity. In order to distinguish originating off-hook conditions from the off-hook conditions exhibited by lines parked on junctor circuits, a lastlook comparison may be made with the result of the preceding scan as provided by and modified by the processor. By that means immediate applications to the processor may be confined to to the originating off-hook states. The current scan states accumulated for each group may be buffered before being compared with the lastlook results.




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