Control equipment for an injection-moulding machine


1324455 Injection moulding machines SOC D'ETUDES ET DE RECHERCHES POUR L'ELECTRONIQUEETL'AUTOMATISME 19 April 1971 [17 April 1970] 27006/71 Heading B5A An injection moulding machine has a plurality of hydraulic motors for driving movable components of the machine, a plurality of valves 29-32 controlling the supply of hydraulic fluid to the respective motors, each of the valves having an electromagnet 33 to vary the restriction on the flow of hydraulic fluid through the valve, and electronic means adapted to control the supply currents to the electromagnets in dependence on pre-set required values of the speeds of displacement of the movable components and of the pressures in the fluid supply passages, and in dependence on electrical signals indicative of the actual valves of these speeds and pressures. Pressure compensating means 34 are provided for regulating flow of fluid to the valves 29-32 irrespective of fluctuations in the supply pressure. The valve 29 controls four piston-cylinder motors 8 for opening and closing the mould 4, 5. Valve 30 controls a motor 15 for moving the injection unit 10. Valve 31 controls motors 19 for axially advancing the injection screw 12, and valve 32 alternately controls a motor 20 for rotating the screw 12 and a pistoncylinder unit 9 for ejecting the moulded article. A pressure amplifier 35 provides the final high pressure required for mould closing.




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