Vacuum water closets


1325626 Flushing water closets C A ING- ENJORSBYRA AB and LARS-ERIK BENGTSSON AB INGENJORSBYRA 18 June 1971 28743/71 Heading E1C A water closet, having a vacuum discharge arrangement comprising a suction pipe 4 and a valve 5 the operation of which is controlled by the water-pressure in a pipe 6 leading via a supply valve 3 from a water inlet pipe 2 to a flushing ring 10, includes means for retaining a predetermined quantity of water in the bowl 1 comprising a chamber adapted to be filled with the predetermined quantity of water during flushing and to empty into the toilet bowl after the water supply to pipe 6 has been cut off, the valve 3 being manually opened and being closed by a timing mechanism. The chamber in the embodiment of Fig. 1 is provided by a closed container 7 through which water flows from the pipe 6 to the flushing ring 10, the top of the container 7 being ventilated by a pipe 19 permitting the container to empty after valves 3 and 5 have closed. Control of valve 5 is effected by a piston 13 acting against the action of a spring 14 within a cylinder 12 connected to the pipe 6 via pipe 16. In a second embodiment (Fig. 2, not shown) the container 7 is omitted and the piston 13 is connected to the valve 5 via a lost-motion device such that the spring 14 can further depress the piston 13 after valve 5 has closed, so that water is displaced from a chamber provided by the lower part of the cylinder 12 through the pipes 16, 6 and flushing ring 10 to the bowl 1.




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