Trisazo dyestuffs

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Bayer Ag
  • Publication Date: August 22, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1327914-A


1327914 Trisazo dyes BAYER AG 6 March 1972 [6 March 1971] 10305/72 Heading C4P New trisazo dyes of formula wherein A is the radical of an aromatic-carbocyclic or -heterocyclic diazo component, B is an optionally alkyl-substituted hydroxyphenyl, diaminophenyl or aminohydroxyphenyl and n is 1 or 2 are prepared by azo coupling and are used to colour cellulose fibres, wool, wool/cellulose union, silk, nylon, leather, paper and, in particular cotton, in green to black shades.




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