Refractory insulating bodies

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Union Carbide Uk Ltd
  • Publication Date: September 05, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1329306-A


1329306 Hot tops for ingot moulds UNION CARBIDE UK Ltd 23 Sept 1971 [23 Sept 1970] 45250/70 Heading B3F [Also in Divisions B5 and C3] Cylinders, tiles or other shaped refractory insulating bodies for use as "hot tops" for metalcasting moulds are made from a first mix of vermiculite, or vermiculite and a small proportion of wood chips, and an alkali metal silicate binder, and a second mix of a refractory granular material and either a synthetic resin or an alkali metal silicate binder, the mixtures being compressed at elevated temperature to form a composite body having one face of refractory material. The refractory layer may be shaped first and then supported on a mould plate in an hydraulic or pneumatic press and the vermiculite mix fed on to it to form a second layer which is compressed to the required shape and thickness and cured.




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