Multistage lift

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Bushnell S W
  • Publication Date: September 19, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1330647-A


1330647 Platform elevators S W BUSHNELL Jnr 21 Dec 1970 [30 Dec 1969] 60642/70 Heading B8H [Also in Division F1] A working platform 2 is supported on three telescopic multi-stage rams 4 each stage being arranged to be extended sequentially, the cylinders below an intermediate cylinder, which is provided with a valve, being extended by fluid pressure supplied from below and the upper cylinders then being supplied with fluid pressure from above. As shown in Fig. 9, to raise the platform, fluid from a source such as a compressed-gas bottle is directed through a valve 106 on the platform to the base of each ram to raise, first, cylinder 130 and then cylinders 132, 134. When the fluid pressure begins to rasie the cylinder above cylinder 134, this will close valve 136 in cylinder 134, thereby preventing the flow of pressure fluid to the upper portions of the ram. The pressure in the lower cylinders is then increased to increase the rigidity of the structure. The valve 108 is then opened to supply fluid pressure to the upper cylinders to extend them sequentially. The pressure differential between the upper and lower portions of the ram may be achieved by providing a restrictive valve in the top inlet to the ram to allow simultaneous flow to the top and bottom of the ram. In a modification, Figs. 6-8 (not shown), the apparatus is mounted on wheels and the platform 2 is replaced by a bucket suspended from an upper rim on the bucket. The bucket is located between the rams and is provided with a sliding door.




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