Production of chlorine

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  • Assignees: Degussa
  • Publication Date: October 03, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1332170-A


1332170 Preparing chlorine DEUTSCHE GOLDUND SILBER-SCHEIDEANSTALT 16 Dec 1970 [20 Dec 1969] 59683/70 Heading C1A A process for the production of chlorine from hydrogen chloride or gases containing hydrogen chloride comprises converting the gaseous hydrogen chloride into an aqueous solution containing 20-40% by weight of HCl and reacting with hydrogen peroxide. It is preferred that the hydrogen chloride is dissolved in a hydrogen chloride solution containing 20 to 40% by weight of the gas, the concentration of the solution after addition of the gaseous hydrogen chloride also being within the range of 20 to 40% by weight. Preferably the hydrochloric acid used as absorbent for the gaseous hydrogen chloride is at most 20‹ C. above ambient temperature. The chlorine gas obtained may be washed counter-current by means of hydrochloric acid of strength 25-35% which has been cooled preferably to 0‹ C. In a preferred embodiment hydrogen chloride is initially separated from the gases containing hydrogen chloride by optionally multiple stage countercurrent washing with hydrochloric acid of the specified concentration and then optionally with water, after which the heat of absorption is removed before the reaction of the hydrogen peroxide, and the cooled solution subsequently passed in parallel current with hydrogen peroxide through the filling of a reaction tower while the cooling gas formed is removed countercurrent and a portion of the dilute hydrochloric acid flowing back to the absorption stage is separated off in order to drain off excess water. A further embodiment is described in Fig. 2. Hydrogen chloride in a gas mixture is separated by adsorption in columns 1 and 2 and the 35% hydrochloric acid thus obtained is delivered to a desorption column 3 and hydrogen chloride boiled off. The hydrochloric acid azeotrope may then be recycled from the base of column 3 to the absorption column 1 while some is separated off and drained to remove excess water The gaseous hydrogen chloride is delivered to column 4 acting as a reactor, entering the column at 30‹ C. Aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution is delivered to the head of the column and the chlorine is withdrawn from the head of the column. The hydrochloric acid increased by the water of reaction and the water used to dilute the hydrogen peroxide is run off from the foot of the column and pumped to a heat exchanger 6 where it is cooled to 30‹ C. before re-entering the head of the column. Chlorine from the head of the column is freed from residual hydrogen chloride and steam in washer 5 with hydrochloric acid cooled to 0‹ C. in a heat exchanger 7. The effluent from the washer 5 is recycled and combined with the effluent from reactor 4. The system is operated at a pressure of around 0À4 atmospheres generated by a compressor 8.




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