Coil strippers

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Industra Products
  • Publication Date: October 03, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1332835-A


1332835 Coil strippers INDUSTRA PRODUCTS Inc 7 Jan 1971 [13 April 1970] 789/71 Heading B3A A stripper, for inserting coils in a dynamo electric machine stator, comprises a base portion having a substantially circular cross-section in a first plane and which is adapted to be attached to a coil placing tool, and a head portion comprising means for maintaining the relative orientation of at least some individual turns of a coil during the insertion process. Wound coils 19-24 are placed about elongated fingers of a placing device and a stator core 1 is positioned on the fingers with the gaps between the fingers aligned with the core slots. The stripper is fitted with fins 7, which are located in the gaps, and the head portion has grooves interconnecting corresponding pairs of gaps between fingers, e.g. the groove (25) and the gaps between fingers (26), (27) and (28), (29), Fig.3 (not shown). As the stripper moves along the fingers, the fins 7 urge the coils into the core slots while the grooves prevent bunching of the turns in the vicinity of the head portion of the stripper. Wedge guides 31 insert protective wedges in the stator slots. In an alternative form, Fig. 12, the stripper is fitted with elongated members 38 which maintain the orientation of the coil turns during insertion, and the head portion may be provided with grooves in alignment with the gaps between the members 38, Fig. 11 (not shown). The members 38 are removable and may be replaced by members of different sizes to vary the gaps so as to accommodate wires of different diameters. An alignment tool 40, 41, 42 is fitted to prevent flexure of the elongated members.




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